Yes, we did it again, even more successfully! The customers’ queue to get in was even longer, and they came out happily loaded with bulging bags. Some said, “I look forward to this all year!” So do we, but with a degree of tension as well as happy anticipation, and detailed planning. Each year we review our various forms of advertising, worry that the usual thousands of donations won’t materialise, consider the money management during the Fair, the layout of the stalls, the tills and the welcoming entrance and are thankful for the smooth efficiency of our catering team and the management of the raffle.

We are delighted to have new volunteers, some of whom we hardly know at the outset, but who quickly become friends, and we recognise that some ‘veterans’ need to change their roles. The goodwill, dedication, cheerfulness, energy and sheer hard work of many people, mainly but not only from Epsom Methodist Church, are the bedrock of the whole amazing event. Two big, comparatively unglamorous problems which used to shadow the Book Fair have now been resolved: the material for recycling is removed in bulk and the left-over stock is bought and promptly taken away by a reliable dealer. Huge thanks are due at this juncture to the strong men and women who appear on Saturday afternoon to load the vans and restore EMC to its Sunday functions.

The astounding total, to date, of £23,752.01 is a tangible measure of our success. This year 90% of the proceeds will go towards our new Youth Hall, which will soon be under construction; 10% will go to Action for Children, formerly NCH; generous support for Action for Children has always been an important part of our objective, though recently our Epsom Methodist Church Building Development has taken precedence. We are very keen to increase our giving to Action for Children and plan to give them a whole year’s Book Fair proceeds as soon as the Epsom Methodist Church Development Fund no longer needs our contribution. Action for Children supporters have energetically worked with us at Book Fairs and we shall be delighted to recompense their co-operation.

Janet de Bourcier, Audrey Oldfield, Jacqui Raggett and Chris Watts


Jacqui Raggett, Mayor Councillor Jan Mason who was elected as Epsom & Ewell Borough Council’s Mayor for 2009/2010, the Mayor's Consort is her husband Mr Alan Mason also attended

and Rev. Suzanna Bates of Epsom Methodist Church

Jacqui  is one of the team who organise this Fair


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